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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does independent advice mean?
    The FCA state that independent financial advisers ‘you need to provide unbiased and unrestricted advice based on a comprehensive and fair analysis of the market.’ Adding that ‘genuinely independent advice is free from any restrictions that could affect advisers’ ability to recommend what is best for the customer.’ In short, we are not tied to any providers, investment managers, or insurance companies. We work for you. Not them.
  • What happens if I don’t go ahead with the recommendations?
    As outlined in the ‘how we do it’ section, our fees are split into separate categories. A fee is charged to provide a recommendation and, should you decide not to proceed then only the recommendation fee would be payable.
  • What advice do you provide?
    See our 'what we do' section, or contact us to see if we can help.
  • Should I transfer out my Final Salary scheme?
    This is an incredibly important decision to make and requires careful consideration. We can help you to decide if this is a sensible thing for you, and your family, to do.
  • I have various pensions and investments and wish to review whether these are right for me. Can you help me?
    Yes. Contact us for an initial discussion and we can help you to decide if we are the right people to help.
  • What clients do you help?
    We help clients from a wide range of backgrounds, each with a different story. See the ‘our clients’ section for more details, or give us a call to see if we are the right team for you
  • How often should I review my affairs?
    Generally, it depends on how complex they are, and at what stage of your financial plan you are. Certain events trigger the need for ad-hoc reviews, such as a change in legislation or your circumstances.
  • How are you regulated?
    We are regulated and authorised by the FCA. You can find the details of our company and our advisers on the FCA register.
  • Will you review my plans in the future?
    It’s imperative that you review your financial plan to ensure you are on track to meet your financial goals and your existing arrangements are suitable. Depending on the complexity of your affairs or the stage of your planning, will determine how often we meet up.
  • How much will your advice cost?
    Every client’s circumstances are different and our fees reflect that. For more information, see the ‘how we do it section’ where you can also download a copy of our client agreement.

Ask one of our financial planning consultants a question here >

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